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Children’s Dentistry

We want children to learn to enjoy their visits to the dentist. These young minds are blank canvases, learning and absorbing from their parents and personal experiences. If you practice good oral hygiene habits, your child will, too. Similarly, if you have regular check-ups and share your positive experiences with your kids, they’ll look forward to their dental appointments.

At O Dental, we offer a range of services for children and recommend that they have regular biyearly check-ups from age 3 on. Emergencies, however, may arise, and we’re also happy to see children if you have a particular concern about their oral health.

Growing Teeth and Jaw Development

Check-ups every six months will ensure that teeth grow in the right place and the proper order. We’ll also make sure that your child’s jaw develops correctly. Sometimes, teeth can erupt in the incorrect position, inhibiting permanent teeth from being able to come in. These check-ups are of vital importance so that issues such as uneven bites, crossbites or baby teeth that haven’t come out can be addressed early.

Caries Detection

Baby teeth, with their small size, can quickly decay once a hole has started to form. It’s important to check teeth so that the decay can’t progress and affect the nerve of the tooth, which may require more serious dental work in the future.

Fissure Seals

A thin coating placed over the grooves of molars, fissure seals can prevent future decay. These act as a barrier protecting teeth from plaque or food and are minimally invasive and long-lasting. They can be placed once the 6-year-old molars have erupted.


Mouthguards are custom-fitted to your child’s mouth. They protect baby or permanent teeth while playing sport.


Contact us today to book you or your child’s time with our gentle team. We offer Saturday appointments for your convenience.


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