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Root Canal Treatment

O Dental provides expert root canal treatment, offering a pain-free solution to save infected or damaged teeth and restore oral health.


At O Dental, our root canal treatment is a specialiseed procedure aimed at saving teeth that are infected or severely decayed. The treatment involves removing the damaged or infected pulp from the tooth, then cleaning, disinfecting, and filling the space to prevent further issues.


Our skilled dental professionals use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the procedure is as painless and efficient as possible. We focus on patient comfort and care, providing a relaxed environment and clear communication throughout the process.


Root canal treatment not only alleviates pain but also prevents the spread of infection and preserves the natural tooth, avoiding the need for extractions and implants. With our advanced root canal services, patients can maintain their natural smile, functionality, and oral health. O Dental is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care, ensuring the best outcomes for our patients' dental and overall well-being.

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